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What if your success was inevitable?

What could you be capable of, if you knew deep down that your success was inevitable?

For most people, even for me, we forget to think that way. As you go down the dark windy road you ask yourself, how can you be sure, what evidence do I have that I will be successful? You may not have tales of victory that you bring from your last battle, no treasure you have taken from your opponent. You don’t, not yet.

But like most, are you judging your life based on where you are now. You are sitting at the bottom of the mountain looking at gagged cold cliffs that make its way up to the cold frigid peak wondering how will you ever reach the top.

What you are not looking at is the firm, strong arm that has pulled back and held the arrow in its place. You are not looking at the seed that brings about the roots that turn into a massive oak tree or the formidable boat that journeys to the destination. Yet you are those things.

You won’t find certainty in life and you cannot predict what will happen next year, next month or even tomorrow. But if convince yourself you will succeed, if you believe in your heart that no matter what, your success if inevitable then in time, the challenges in life will lay down their swords at your feet and bow to you.

Success for me is inevitable. because of those peaks and valleys, they don’t determine or shape my life.

They simply test my will to move forward.



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