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The difference between someone with courage and someone without courage is that the one without courage requires things to be given to them, but the one with courage will go out and get what they want, regardless of their circumstance.


Many of the famous people, the ones who become successful often came from upbringings where they had nothing; maybe they were homeless, friendless and didn’t have any money, yet they became successful. They had the courage to go out and get what they wanted, regardless of their circumstance.


I think of them as architects.


An architect sees towers before they reach the sky, they saw their tower, their opportunity before anyone else did. They have an incredible gift, they can look at an open field filled with grass and rolling hills and instead of seeing an open field, they can use their imagination to visualize a great big tower.


They know the building will not build itself from the earth. What the architect wants cannot be given to him and it will not appear on its own, but in order for them to dream it into existence, they themselves must build it into reality.


An architect doesn’t seek to take from the world, but they seek to contribute to it.


Today is the beginning of something new for you, something worth remembering. The tower you want to create has existed long before this day. It has been waiting for you to take your courage, your persistence and your guts to bring it to life. You must take the leap off the cliff to get what you want in life.


All too often we fail to reach into the realm of what we know we can do for ourselves to build towers because we are scared to take the leap off the cliff. Of course it is always scary to take that first step of the ledge, but without the first set you will be stuck where you currently are.


You will be scared at first, you will struggle and tip two to the ledge but you must take the leap. The biggest tragedy of all is to walk through life with your eyes wide open but your heart closed being too scared to take advantage of life’s opportunities that were born for you, waiting for you to crack them open.


In life, you will find the only limitations you have are the ones you construct in your mind. Deep down you have everything you need to build your towers. You were born with courage and you were born an architect, now, nothing is impossible for you. You set your rules, you draw the boundaries, you are not at the mercy of the world, you are creating your own world, it is your world.


There will never be another moment life this again so don’t run from it. Take the pieces you have in front of you and construct your towers that reach the heavens.


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