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An Introduction to one of my favorite books

think and grow rich quote

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich has been called the Granddaddy of all motivational literature. The book was published way back in 1937, during the Great Depression and at a time in America’s history when millions of people were held fast in the grips of extreme poverty. The teachings of this book are so timeless and powerful that even today it is a must read for every entrepreneur.

Think and Grow Rich is really about the starting point of all achievements–desire. It is about convincing yourself that you will be successful in order to become successful. It outlines the steps you need to take and the steps you need to avoid to get there. These steps are made poignant and relatable through immersing stories of America’s greatest achievers. The book repeats a single point, over and over again: Success comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a burning desire to achieve it.

think and grow rich quote

I started practicing the ideas in Think and Grow Rich 8 years ago. It has been proven to me time and time again that one thing is as real as the air we breath and that is – the universe has an incredible way of giving you what you ask for.  As a result I have come to learn three core things:

The subconscious mind

The incredible thing about our minds is your subconscious mind only knows what you tell it. It accepts the thoughts that you send to it, and if you send over predominating thoughts on poverty and ill health and failure, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The reverse is also true, if you are obsessed with winning deals, having abundance and being successful, you will have endless opportunities to get there.

Conquering Self

If you can’t conquer yourself you will be conquered by self. You and only you can be the master of your destiny, you can influence it, direct it and control your life, rather than having life control you.

napoleon hill quote


Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Should you read it?

More than any other book I’ve ever read, I value Think and Grow Rich for my own success, yet I think the value depends much on the reader. This book taught me that the defeats I encounter in business are actually opportunities. Most of my writings on my blog in one way or another stem from Hill’s teachings and the impact his writings have had in my life. Given that millions of copies of these books have appeared in print over the last seventy years, it’s a perfect one to read. I make it a point to read it at least once a year, if not more. Enjoy.


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