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Entrepreneurship Based On Lessons From Repetition

ride the repetitive wave of entrepreneurship

Seek The Outcomes That Teach You The Secrets Of Success

When you seek to build a life that’s more than the average you will probably have to try a few things before you have the success that you’re working for. There will be times that you’ll want to give up and others when you feel like you are riding waves of exhilarating victory.

The important thing is to remember what you are working for and to stick with it.  – Ted Stearns

Entrepreneurship is not a linear process; you’ll have to try blind alleyways and take blue-sky risks. Sometimes you’ll put thousands of hours of efforts in and only get meager results. Then, just as you are ready to quit, that last simple thing that you did puts you over the top.

The secret to remember is that every result that you get is an outcome. Whether it’s good or bad as a subjective experience there are lessons in everything that happens along the way.

True Entrepreneurship Leaves The Competition In The Dust

Once you have that first hard fought success you can repeat the process and it will be easier. It may not be as easy as a salaried desk job but it’ll be easier for you because of the lessons that you learned the last time around.

Being an entrepreneur is not something that you do for approval or for security. You do it for results; it’s the spectacular outcomes that leave your detractors speechless and jealously choking on your dust that make it worthwhile. This is the reward that’s satisfying to the competitive spirit and the true source of personal confidence.

Get It Right And Repeat With Improvements

When you get that first success and the sense of achievement that goes with it you will be addicted; you will want to do it again! The next time will be easier because you never need to make the same mistakes twice.

Don’t be deceived though, there will be more mistakes, there always are. But you’ll probably make more refined, less expensive mistakes. Glitches that generate lessons that are even more valuable and from which you will more easily recover.

Take On New Ventures That Bring New Risks And Lessons

If you want to be an entrepreneur accept that there will be risks and that life will be an adventure. You might even find it to be a wild ride. If you want to be secure and safe the path of entrepreneurship is most likely not for you but if you want more than the average, the mundane and the dull, strap in and ride the entrepreneurial roller-coaster to success.

Just make sure that it’s a part of your mindset that all results are outcomes and those outcomes hold priceless lessons that you can apply every time that you begin the journey of entrepreneurship again.


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