About Ted Stearns

What Drives Me To Innovate

For those of us who are entrepreneurs we know we are simply not normal: We are wired totally different than most. We poke fun at the establishment, we enjoy disrupting traditional industries, and we like to cause commotion.

If I could sum it up, in just one phrase of what it is we do, I would say that we are fearless and we are visionaries and we are unapologetic to turn a sleepy antiquated industry on its head and to bring it out of the dark ages and to make a radical difference in the process.

Not being normal has really worked for us

We innovate out of frustration: I know if I am frustrated by an industry, other consumers must be as well. There are many industries still plagued by rigid thinking; the one that says you have to do things the way they have always been done. I love proving the old establishment wrong and at the same time shattering the status quo.

We as entrepreneurs should always be thinking, “what frustrates me and how can I do it better?” I believe there is no reason to start a business unless you can make a radical difference in the lives of consumers who are involved in it, and we can shatter the status quo along the way.

We as entrepreneurs exhibit the attributes to make that radical difference, we have survival instincts, we’re fearless, we’re tenacious, we have deep vision and we have a burning passion that drives us every day to upend this old archaic industry – and we know we know, for those involved, we can have a lot of fun and make a mint in the process.