Sharing Experience With Founders

I have always had a passion to help America’s small business entrepreneurs.


“As an entrepreneur myself, my passion is to help create an environment where business owners have the best odds at success.”

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“Without purpose there is no point. To achieve the most valuable rewards in life here must always be a higher reason why.”

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“Physical expression is its own reward. In fitness I have found that the true abundance in life arises from responding to challenges.”

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“Though it may not be visible to us we are immersed in it. Culture is the frame of reference through which we share our experience of the world.”

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A Life Long Advocate For Entrepreneurs

The American entrepreneur is the lifeblood of the global economy. I have never met a more creative, ambitious and hardworking class in the world. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are idea driven but don’t know how to raise the capital by presenting that idea to the larger markets. I make it easy for them to get the capital they need in order to be highly successful.